Monday, 21 July 2014

Avon gel finish nail enamel... normally I'm a gel nail kinda girl. In no way shape or form am I trained to do this but I do have my own kit at home and have self taught myself over the years. Also much cheaper than a 3 weekly visit to a salon to have them infilled. On top of that finding a nail polish I really liked was almost impossible. I have tried Jessica and OPI nail enamels and for the price thought they were nothing special. Had almost given up hope until Avon sent me a pot of GEL finish nail's fantastic!!!!

Granted it does take a bit longer to dry but really cant complain about that as I only needed to put one coat on. The coverage is brilliant and so is the will normally find it on offer for £3.50 but the max you will pay if its not on offer is £7 which is still really good comsidering the quality of this nail enamel.

Dont be confused by the name of this, it is a nail varnish NOT a gel.

The picture below shows me wearing just one coat of colour - Parfait Pink P807.

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