Saturday, 16 August 2014

HELP...which brushes?!?


HELP....I'm looking for some new brushes for my eye makeup and I find myself swaying between these two brands. Obviously E.l.f are much cheaper and you get more for your money (well maybe not obviously, for those of you that don't know E.l.f is a kind of budget cosmetic brand and they always have mega deals on, which you may have seen from previous blogs) I have some face brushes from E.l.f and they are fantastic but this doesn't stop me thinking that I should really try RealTechniques. 

This argument I am having with myself comes from watching so many YouTube videos of makeup tutorials and the RealTechniques brushes feature in a LOT of them.

Does anyone have advice for me? Or even other brands that have awesome eye brushes? I'm all ears....(should really say all eyes because I will be reading it, but you know what I mean)

Thanks lovely people 


  1. I have never tried ELF brushes but I have the real technique ones. I like them but do not love them, they do tend to loose hairs when you have used them a few times.

    You can always try Zoeva (available online), great brand!


  2. Thanks Ella. You saying that with the Realtechniques has really changed my mind. So many ppl rave about them and think that's where my notion get them has came from.

    Zoeva is a shout. I'm going to have a little look online just now.

    Thanks for commenting xx

  3. Hi hun, haven't tried the elf brushes but i have lots of real techniques and have not felt the need to look elsewhere they are that good! So definitely recommend real techniques their expert face brush is brill for foundation and setting brush great for under eye concealer! Adele

  4. Hey you! I can't tell u how much off a toss up is going on in my head about this lol. Maybe I should try a few of each? That may settle me huh xx

  5. ELF are fantastic quality for the price. It's worth investing in the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and/or Stipple Brush for foundation, but outside of that I think the ELF ones work really well (I really like the Studio Blush Brush, Small Stipple Brush for liquid blusher and Complexion Brush for face powder)

    1. ELF Studio Flawless Concealer Brush is also great :)

    2. I'm going on E.l.f just now to make this purchase. They are just such good value for the money you spend especially with these crazy sales that they do.

      Can never have too many brushes ;) x

  6. Have never used the elf brushes but have some real technique brushes and they are amazing they never shed.

    I just started a new blog if you want to go over and check it out ☺️


    1. I must say the e.l.f brushes I have are really ace especially for £2 each but have never had Realtechniques so again I'm like you and can't compare.

      I'm heading over now to check out your blog :) x

  7. I have the real technique brushes and they're fab. I did a post on meeting Pixiwoo - the creaters of these brushes check it out! X