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Makeup Revolution - Eye Palettes

Before I start....yes I did get a bit carried away when purchasing these eye palettes (bearing in mind that I bought a similar amount from MUA and already have a few Urban Decay eye palettes) A girl can never have enough make up though and at least I have a wider variety to pick from now!

I had heard a lot about these Urban Decay eye palette dupes and thought to myself, "I seriously need to try some of these bad boys out" So as I do, I loaded up google and started researching. I came across two brands but Makeup Revolution really made an impression on me at first glance as the packaging looked really sleek for the amzing cost of £4. I added 1 to my basket then another, then another, then another and before I knew it I had ordered 6! They arrived a few days later packed amazingly. I couldnt wait to get my paws in to them. The size of the palettes are very generous - great value for money. The only negatives I have with regards to these palettes is the eyeshadows dont have names and there is no mirror in the palette, but saying that what am I expection for £4 each...ha.

So that gives you all a general idea of what they are like.....I'm going to swatch all the palettes now and explain what they are like. I will also name the higher end dupe (if there is one) and talk about the comparison. Here goes.....

Iconic 1 - DUPE for Urban Decay Naked 1
Iconic 2 - DUPE for Urban Decay Naked 2
Iconic 3 - DUPE for Urban Decay Naked 3

I'm going to talk about these 3 palettes separate to the rest as they are from the same 'family'. Iconic 1,2 & 3 are dupes for the rather pricey Urban Decay Naked palettes. Now I have Naked 1 and Naked 3 so can give these a fair comparison, and my honest opinion is that they are almost identical.

Near enought all the colours have great pigmentation and feel quite buttery which is lovely to apply. A small handful are slighly powdery, but I also think that the Naked palettes have a couple of powdery ones too. The matte colours are little less pigmented but just reapplying solves that issue.

I have been applying these with an Urban Decay primer and there has been no creases or rubbing off at all.....BONUS!!! my opinion, if you are on a budget or arent sure of what the Urban Decay palettes are going to look like, I would strongly suggest purchasing these. They are only £4 each which is a steal. The only thing I would like to see in the Iconic palettes is names of the shadows (Totes already mentioned that). In saying that.....can I really complain at the price of them! Put it this way I was going to purchase the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette but now I'm not going to bother as the dupe Is fantastic.

Essential Mattes
Essential Day to Night
Hot Smoked

Again I am going to write about these 3 palettes together as I think they are from the same colour family. 

As you can see from the pictures above the pigmentation in all these palettes is amazing, the only colour I was dissapointed with was the matte black which features in a couple of these palettes. The feel was very powdery and the colour was not intense enough for me. All the other colours I was very impressed with.

With the Essential Mattes palette I had my reservations as the matte colours in the Iconic palettes wasnt the best....but how wrong was i???? This has turned out to be my favourite from the 6 I bought.

These are all £4 too! Super duper affordable.....and dont you all think the packaging is pretty sleek and generous? 

Honestly, if you want to try something new but not spend a lot these are the answer. So many looks can be created on so little money, which is something we all like hearing. 

You can purchase these palettes here:

I hope this has been helpful. Thank you all for taking the time to read.

Claire xXx

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