Saturday, 23 August 2014

Box of junk, or so i thought....

For the past couple of weeks I've had such an urge to go out and spend lots of money, but I resisted and ended up clearing out my big box of "junk". When I look at what was in there I'm so glad I did, it has stopped me going out and splurging. 

You can see from the first photo a snapshot of what I found and some of this stuff I totally love and other I can see why they were thrown in here. Needless to say some of it is now in my beauty drawers and being cared for like they should have been a while ago. 

Here's a little list of what I found:

Urban Decay - NYC - This is the coolest palette I have ever bought. The colours in it are amazing and the look is just genius! The scene and lights when you open the lid to get to the mirror is so quirky. 

No7 Beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser - Have yet to try this.....will be giving it a go this week.

Insette Clubbers Hairspray - This stuff is like glue, its great for throwing in your bag on a day/night out. 

212 Sexy - 212 is one of my favourite scents, the original is my fave but this is lovely too and  always happy to find some perfume.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End & Protection Serum - My hair has been so dry lately (think I blogged about the straw like texture that is going on right now...yuk). This serum is amazing and smells lush!

Templespa Eyes Open Wide Gentle Eye Lotion - never tried this, think I won it at a spa party.  The smell isn't too nice (very herbal like but then some people like this plant scent). Worth giving it a go as its meant to reduce dark circles. 

St Tropez Instant Tan Light/Meduim wash off - this was a little freebie I picked up. The colour seems quite dark for it stating light to medium. Theres a reason why this was put in the "junk" box.

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets - not much to say about these apart from...they should be in every girls handbag for a quick fix.

Benefit Eye Cream - yep these will be getting used. Meant to reduce dark circles and as you may have read in one of my first posts I have really been struggling to battle this (so if you have any product suggestions please comment) 

Fat Hair Thickening Spray - I have a lot of hair but its very fine so lets hope this does something for me ;) 

Avon Advance Tecniques Bodifying Foam - I have been using the the past few days and it does lift at the roots, the smell is absolutely lush too. If you are looking for something with a gorgeous smell this is the stuff to go for. 

Tony and Guy Shimmer Mist for Brunettes - OMG there is no shadow of doubt why I haven't been using this. Look at the pic below!!! Imagine that in your hair when you get caught in the rain, erm no thanks......BIN. That's all I'm saying.

So the moral of this story is....if you are ever in the mood to splurge have a look in those places you throw things, you might be in for a little surprise and save yourself in the process. 

Thank for reading.



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