Sunday, 17 August 2014

Weekly Favourite


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Until recently I had always used face wipes to remove my makeup (to some people face wipes to remove makeup is a sweary word). For years I have ready so much that wipes don't do your skin any favours, so I went to Boots and bought this cleansing water.

On the bottle it states its suitable "even for sensitive skin" it also states that it "removes make-up + cleanses + soothes. No Rinsing". All of this to me is spot on. My skin has been great since I started using this and it effectively removes my make-up. The formula is just like water (little hint in the name there Claire....doh) which is fantastic and it leaves you feeling refreshed. 

When I use this (which is every day) I always follow up with an eye make-up remover just to make sure all that mascara has gone, I then use either a face wash or my 4 in 1 cleanser called Peaches Clean by Soap and glory. 

This Garnier Micellar Water cost me less than £4 as it was on offer at the time and you can pretty much purchase it at any main drugstore or supermarket. 

Definitely a staple in my daily routine now, I really love it and would say if you are thinking about not using wipes anymore this is the stuff to buy.



  1. I love this cleansing water works so well at removing all my make up. I talked about it in my July favourites :)


    1. It's so good on your skin isn't it? Much prefer that over wipes now. I will need to read the July Favourites post xx

  2. I've nominated you for the liebster awards, check it out :)