Thursday, 14 August 2014

AVON - First Impressions

If you follow me on Twitter you may have read that I was a little excited to receive my AVON order (in fact I blogged about my excitement, sad I know) I didn't want to do another haul by blog as that can be quite boring....right? So I decided to try out what I bought and give you all my first impressions.


This shimmer block is great for giving you variety as the 5 colours can be mixed altogether or worn separate. It is also multi-functional so can be work as an eyeshadow or a blush. There is a good mix of colours here so I would think there is something that would suit everyone. When you apply this the colour pay off is not as good as it can be. You can still get the results you want but with a bit more work than really should be required. Small gripe but where is the mirror?? For something so versatile I can't understand why there isn't a mirror.....just sayin'!
This cost me £4 but retails normally for £6.


I purchased this on a "last chance to buy" so unless places are a campaign behind you wont be able to get this one anymore. The main reason I got this body oil was for when I apply gel nails, I'm sick of misplacing all those small bottles of oil and it was costing me a fortune replacing them. The smell of this is lush and absorbs in to the skin really well. Pleased with this little purchase. 
I paid £2.50 for this.


Now my gripe with this again is....where is the mirror AVON? Loads of the packaging has little mirrors and yet the things that would benefit most from a mirror don't have one (rant over) However, in saying that, the product itself is very good. It applies very well and really does hide what you want it to. If you are a beginner to these types of correctors then it may be difficult to use unless you keep the cut out from the booklet that shows you what colour does what. For mum has this and had to cut out the guide from the AVON book to keep herself right. 
I paid £7 for this but retails for £10.50.


This is a new product from AVON, so of course I had to buy it. I don't think pictures of this product show the true colour of the blush (even in the AVON book) The pink side is more of a rose colour and is really gorgeous, the pigmentation is great. The highlighter side is a little too glittery for me but that's not to say I wont wear it - it will make an appearance on nights out etc. I have moaned enough about the packaging of the other products but with this one praise where praise is due....its lovely and sleek and comes with a MIRROR! Great for popping in your bag. 
I paid £5 for this but its normally £8


This is really good to use. I love how it twists up and down and you don't have to flap about looking for a sharpener when it gets low. When I tested this I didn't think it was going to last as goes on very silky, but let me tell you as soon as this sets it ain't budging. This colour may have been a little dark for me but with a lighter hand I'm sure I will cope and it just means I will need to try the blonde colour.
I paid £3 but is normally £6.


I've never been one for using lip liner but the notion took me and just went for it. Whenever I try something like this I'm never sure if I have ordered the right colour or not. This colour was just the one for me. It has been worn every day since I got it as it gives such a natural outline. Very silky to apply but when it sets it stays in place. And like the brow definer I love that the packaging is twistable. Deffo don't regret getting this.
I paid £3 but normally £6.

That's my first impressions then guys. On the whole very impressed with the products I got. AVON isn't spoken about enough in the beauty world (that's just my opinion).

I purchased these from the AVON book but you can order online here.

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  1. This shimmer block looks great!

    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin? Let me know :)

    1. It really is and it's always on some kind of offer too.

      I've just had a look at your blog and followed you on bloglovin. It looks fab. Look forward to more blogs :)