Saturday, 23 August 2014

Box of junk, or so i thought....

For the past couple of weeks I've had such an urge to go out and spend lots of money, but I resisted and ended up clearing out my big box of "junk". When I look at what was in there I'm so glad I did, it has stopped me going out and splurging. 

You can see from the first photo a snapshot of what I found and some of this stuff I totally love and other I can see why they were thrown in here. Needless to say some of it is now in my beauty drawers and being cared for like they should have been a while ago. 

Here's a little list of what I found:

Urban Decay - NYC - This is the coolest palette I have ever bought. The colours in it are amazing and the look is just genius! The scene and lights when you open the lid to get to the mirror is so quirky. 

No7 Beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser - Have yet to try this.....will be giving it a go this week.

Insette Clubbers Hairspray - This stuff is like glue, its great for throwing in your bag on a day/night out. 

212 Sexy - 212 is one of my favourite scents, the original is my fave but this is lovely too and  always happy to find some perfume.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End & Protection Serum - My hair has been so dry lately (think I blogged about the straw like texture that is going on right now...yuk). This serum is amazing and smells lush!

Templespa Eyes Open Wide Gentle Eye Lotion - never tried this, think I won it at a spa party.  The smell isn't too nice (very herbal like but then some people like this plant scent). Worth giving it a go as its meant to reduce dark circles. 

St Tropez Instant Tan Light/Meduim wash off - this was a little freebie I picked up. The colour seems quite dark for it stating light to medium. Theres a reason why this was put in the "junk" box.

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets - not much to say about these apart from...they should be in every girls handbag for a quick fix.

Benefit Eye Cream - yep these will be getting used. Meant to reduce dark circles and as you may have read in one of my first posts I have really been struggling to battle this (so if you have any product suggestions please comment) 

Fat Hair Thickening Spray - I have a lot of hair but its very fine so lets hope this does something for me ;) 

Avon Advance Tecniques Bodifying Foam - I have been using the the past few days and it does lift at the roots, the smell is absolutely lush too. If you are looking for something with a gorgeous smell this is the stuff to go for. 

Tony and Guy Shimmer Mist for Brunettes - OMG there is no shadow of doubt why I haven't been using this. Look at the pic below!!! Imagine that in your hair when you get caught in the rain, erm no thanks......BIN. That's all I'm saying.

So the moral of this story is....if you are ever in the mood to splurge have a look in those places you throw things, you might be in for a little surprise and save yourself in the process. 

Thank for reading.


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Weekly Favourite


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Until recently I had always used face wipes to remove my makeup (to some people face wipes to remove makeup is a sweary word). For years I have ready so much that wipes don't do your skin any favours, so I went to Boots and bought this cleansing water.

On the bottle it states its suitable "even for sensitive skin" it also states that it "removes make-up + cleanses + soothes. No Rinsing". All of this to me is spot on. My skin has been great since I started using this and it effectively removes my make-up. The formula is just like water (little hint in the name there Claire....doh) which is fantastic and it leaves you feeling refreshed. 

When I use this (which is every day) I always follow up with an eye make-up remover just to make sure all that mascara has gone, I then use either a face wash or my 4 in 1 cleanser called Peaches Clean by Soap and glory. 

This Garnier Micellar Water cost me less than £4 as it was on offer at the time and you can pretty much purchase it at any main drugstore or supermarket. 

Definitely a staple in my daily routine now, I really love it and would say if you are thinking about not using wipes anymore this is the stuff to buy.


Saturday, 16 August 2014

HELP...which brushes?!?


HELP....I'm looking for some new brushes for my eye makeup and I find myself swaying between these two brands. Obviously E.l.f are much cheaper and you get more for your money (well maybe not obviously, for those of you that don't know E.l.f is a kind of budget cosmetic brand and they always have mega deals on, which you may have seen from previous blogs) I have some face brushes from E.l.f and they are fantastic but this doesn't stop me thinking that I should really try RealTechniques. 

This argument I am having with myself comes from watching so many YouTube videos of makeup tutorials and the RealTechniques brushes feature in a LOT of them.

Does anyone have advice for me? Or even other brands that have awesome eye brushes? I'm all ears....(should really say all eyes because I will be reading it, but you know what I mean)

Thanks lovely people 

Friday, 15 August 2014

E.l.f discount code...

E.l.f.....why do you do this to me?!?! 

40% off everything on E.l.f website until 15/08/14. £20 minimum spend.

Click here for the UK website 


Thursday, 14 August 2014

AVON - First Impressions

If you follow me on Twitter you may have read that I was a little excited to receive my AVON order (in fact I blogged about my excitement, sad I know) I didn't want to do another haul by blog as that can be quite boring....right? So I decided to try out what I bought and give you all my first impressions.


This shimmer block is great for giving you variety as the 5 colours can be mixed altogether or worn separate. It is also multi-functional so can be work as an eyeshadow or a blush. There is a good mix of colours here so I would think there is something that would suit everyone. When you apply this the colour pay off is not as good as it can be. You can still get the results you want but with a bit more work than really should be required. Small gripe but where is the mirror?? For something so versatile I can't understand why there isn't a mirror.....just sayin'!
This cost me £4 but retails normally for £6.


I purchased this on a "last chance to buy" so unless places are a campaign behind you wont be able to get this one anymore. The main reason I got this body oil was for when I apply gel nails, I'm sick of misplacing all those small bottles of oil and it was costing me a fortune replacing them. The smell of this is lush and absorbs in to the skin really well. Pleased with this little purchase. 
I paid £2.50 for this.


Now my gripe with this again is....where is the mirror AVON? Loads of the packaging has little mirrors and yet the things that would benefit most from a mirror don't have one (rant over) However, in saying that, the product itself is very good. It applies very well and really does hide what you want it to. If you are a beginner to these types of correctors then it may be difficult to use unless you keep the cut out from the booklet that shows you what colour does what. For mum has this and had to cut out the guide from the AVON book to keep herself right. 
I paid £7 for this but retails for £10.50.


This is a new product from AVON, so of course I had to buy it. I don't think pictures of this product show the true colour of the blush (even in the AVON book) The pink side is more of a rose colour and is really gorgeous, the pigmentation is great. The highlighter side is a little too glittery for me but that's not to say I wont wear it - it will make an appearance on nights out etc. I have moaned enough about the packaging of the other products but with this one praise where praise is due....its lovely and sleek and comes with a MIRROR! Great for popping in your bag. 
I paid £5 for this but its normally £8


This is really good to use. I love how it twists up and down and you don't have to flap about looking for a sharpener when it gets low. When I tested this I didn't think it was going to last as goes on very silky, but let me tell you as soon as this sets it ain't budging. This colour may have been a little dark for me but with a lighter hand I'm sure I will cope and it just means I will need to try the blonde colour.
I paid £3 but is normally £6.


I've never been one for using lip liner but the notion took me and just went for it. Whenever I try something like this I'm never sure if I have ordered the right colour or not. This colour was just the one for me. It has been worn every day since I got it as it gives such a natural outline. Very silky to apply but when it sets it stays in place. And like the brow definer I love that the packaging is twistable. Deffo don't regret getting this.
I paid £3 but normally £6.

That's my first impressions then guys. On the whole very impressed with the products I got. AVON isn't spoken about enough in the beauty world (that's just my opinion).

I purchased these from the AVON book but you can order online here.

Much love,

Monday, 11 August 2014

E.l.f Haul

You may have seen that I posted a blog the other day to let you all know that E.l.f cosmetics had a 50% off everything sale. I had been waiting on this since the last one back in july so was in my element when it came back on. In total I spent £32 and received 17 products for this. 

I ordered all this on the Friday and received my package the following thurday. From the picture below you can see it was all packaged very well. Each item comes in its very own box or packet which is fantastic for how little all this cost me. 

To make this a little easier I have numbered each of the products I bought. I'm not going to ramble on im just going to get right in to this....

1. High Definition Powder - I had no idea what this was until I looked it up. Seemingly it's meant to create a flawless "soft focus" effect to the skin and mask fine lines and imperfections. A lot of make-up artists use this for photo shoots. This hasnt been used yet but the effects on the back of my hand seem to do what it says on the tin. I will start using this and keep you all updated on what its like on the face. 

2. Tone Correcting Powder - For all of you that read my blog will have seen me write about my complexion being all over the place just now so when I seen this nifty little palette on their website I knew I had to get it. This hasnt been used yet either. The pigmentation from swatching it doesnt seem great but can tell it will really matte out uneven skin tones. Watch this space...

3. Blush (left pic - mellow mauve & right pic - twinkle pink) - Mellow Mauve is a very matte finish which is good. The only thing I will say about this one is the pigmentation could be a little better. Twinkle Pink is very good with regards to the pigmentation but a little too glittery for me, it will be good on a night out. I would also say that this is a little more on the peachy side. Rumour has is that sometimes the same colours of blush may be better quality than others?! Personally I cannot comment on this but would love to know what others think.

4. Warm Bronzer - The colour pay off from this bronzer is fantastic. Really love how it can be used in so many ways. You can use each colour individually or mix them all together which makes is great for highlighting and contouring. This has been used every day since i got it. 

5. Translucent Matifying Powder - This stuff is fantastic. I have never been a fan of those oil dabby thingys for your face out on the go but this to me seems to replace that. Just dab a little on the oily places on your face and it really does matify. Handy sponge with it too and the mirror inside makes life sooooo easy.

6. Plumping Lip Glaze - The idea with this is to put the white end on your lips first then the colour but I find this too slippery and the colour pay off isnt good at all. It has a minty feel to it and gives a very very slight plumping effect but I have to say I'm slightly dissapointed with this and thing there are far better "budget" plumping lip glosses out there. 

7. Moisurizing Lipstick (as stated on the lippy)- I'm impressed with this lipstick. Feels really soft and nourishing on the lips and the colour pay off is good too. This is colour Pink Minx and really good for every day wear. It doesnt have any glitter in it but not matte at the same time.

8. Mineral Lip Tint - This applies too sheer, its almost like a crappy lipgloss. Deffo not long lasting. I got this in colour Blush. It tastes good but that the only good thing I can say about it. 

9. Lipstick (left pic - Sociable & right pic - Seductive) - These lippys are the cheaper ones that E.l.f sell. Very Impressed with these for like £1 each. The colour pay off is great and they apply really well. Not too shimmery either. The only bad point about these is the packaging, when you twist the lippy up on both of these they jam ever so slightly but I can live with that. 

10. Makeup Remover Pen - Great idea on paper but the main thing I will be using this for is tyding up my eye after attempting (attempting being the main word here) cat eyes with black eyeliner. At the weekend I had a little play about with this and the pen seems to retain what has just been wiped away so when you go to use it again the makeup you just wiped off transfers on to the skin again. Please inform me if I am using this wrong. 

11. Makeup brushes - From top to bottom:

  • Small Stipple Brush - I have watched a lot of YouTube videos and seen a lot of stipple brushes being used so when I seen this in the sale for £2 I couldnt resisist. The brush is so soft and is a great size to get right in to the smaller parts of your face. 
  • Stipple Brush - So you guessed it, this is the same as the small one but a bit bigger for the larger areas on your face. You can pretty much use these brushes with any product and it should give you a "flawless airbrushed look" So far so good, Im loving these.
  • Powder Brush - From all the brushes I bought this one is slowly becoming my favourite. I have been using this to buff out and blend in my liquid foundation and it works a treat. Leaves me with no patches and really works the foundation in to the skin. It does state on the packet that this brush is perfect for contouring but in my opinion its a little big for that (who uses brushes as stated on the packeging anyways??)
  • Pointed Foundation Brush - Great shape to this brush. I have been finding it perfect for blending in my concealer around my eyes, nose and mouth. Soft but firm (does that make any sense??) Really good brush.
  • Complexion Brush - This brush is very soft and flexible. Not something I would normally have picked up but have soon came to realise its great for applying powder for a matte finish. It evenly distributes over the whole face with very little effort. 
All these brushes were just under £2 each which is flipping fantastic for the quality, even at full price they are cheap as chips. 

And that it, thats everything I bought from E.l.f . Slightly mixed bag but on the whole I am impressed with this brand. The prices are so affordable especially when they hold a 50% off everything sale. Will deffo be looking out for this offer again. 

Hope you have enjoyed my E.l.f haul :)

Normally I would have uploaded a video to Youtube for this but I feel that I dont have the right editing apps yet so if anyone can help me here please email me. Contact details are on the tabs on my blog.


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Excited much?!?!

EEEK! I am super happy - both my Avon order and ELF order both arrived. Cant wait to get in about these to test out the stuff I have bought. I will do this ASAP and snap some photos so I can share what I got. Some ELF products are slightly random (for me anyway) so will have to watch a couple of tutorials on how to use them. 

Love the 50% off sales at ELF....I'm already excited for the next one they have!

Stay tuned to see what I bought