Friday, 18 July 2014

A little about me...

Hey there everyone!!! Just wanted to start off by introducing myself..... I'm Claire and have decided to start blogging about make up and beauty products and a little bit about lifestyle. 

I find myself searching the web constantly for reviews of products and often jump from site to site to get a true indication of what I'm going to be purchasing. Soooooo....I thought instead of constantly reading reviews why not start writing about my own products. 

Anything from high end beauty products to high street goes with me, but I do like to get more for my money (especially now that I am a mummy!) so will go out my way to hunt out those cheaper altenatives. Now and again I love a splurge.....I am a girl after all. 

My main focus of this blog is to review mainly high street beauty products. I will show you alternatives to the high end equivalent, if there is one. There may also be the odd bit of lifestyle thrown in too because let's face it beauty isn't the only thing we can do to make ourselves feel good is it? There will be lots to read, my mind is exploding with all these great ideas (must buy a diary!!!) 

Anyhow that's just a little intro for now, keep you eyes out for the reviews starting :) 

Much love....

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